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Welsh Education

A bilingual education provides many wonderful skills and opportunities that will benefit your child for life. Welsh medium education can improve your child's academic and cultural experiences as well as opening up professional pathways as they grow up and pursue a career in Wales. It has been scientifically proven that being bilingual from a young age helps to learn other languages which can give your child more opportunities in the future. Here, many of our pupils come from non-Welsh speaking backgrounds and we accept that there is a responsibility on us as a school to support you throughout the journey. One of the biggest concerns for any non-Welsh speaking parent considering Welsh education is how they will support their child's learning when they themselves cannot speak the language.

I can assure you that you can support your child just as you would if they attended an English medium school. All correspondence (including homework) is provided to our pupils, parents and guardians bilingually. This means that you will always be included and feel an integral part of your child's education. We are very proud that Llangelynnin school children leave us as confident bilingual learners, with the vast majority choosing to continue with Welsh education when they move to secondary school.

Remember; Two Languages, Twice the Opportunities!!